Are you the biggest FAN of “Modern Family”?

“Modern Family” a show that has been entertaining its audiences since 2009 with a mix of its quirky characters in relatable situations. We have literally watched the characters grow from being pimply teens to gorgeous young adults. A lot of the actors in the series has been the receivers of famous awards for their acting skills. The program has received huge praise from fans over years. So, as the final season of the ABC’s famous family sitcom show “Modern Family” is set to air sometime in the next year, it is time for us to find out how big of a fan are you?

  • Question of

    1. What was Jay’s profession before he started his own business?

    • He was in Army
    • He was a Golfer
  • Question of

    Which one of the following activities was persuaded by Phil since his high school and continued well into college?

    • Playing Basketball
    • Cheer-leading
  • Question of

    Which is Claire’s favorite holiday?

    • Halloween
    • Thanksgiving
  • Question of

    The adult trapped inside kid, Manny, has a recurring crush on ____

    • Claire
    • Haley
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    How many siblings does Gloria have?

    • 3
    • 4
  • Question of

    Mitchell and Cameron met at a ___

    • Costumes party
    • Charades party
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    Prior to Jay, Gloria was married to __

    • Javier
    • Jeff
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    Who is considered as intellectual of the Dunphy family?

    • Manny
    • Alex
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    Phil Is afraid of ___, while Luke loves them.

    • Clowns
    • Postmen
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    Mitchell and Cameron’s adopted daughter Lily is originally from which country?

    • Venezuela
    • Vietnam