A few amazing ones from the series – Green Arrow

Green Arrow is one of those amazing American Drama that has been able to make its mark for all these years. And since Season 1, it has been able to hold its viewer’s attention throughout. Answer these questions and just evaluate yourself. Arrow premiered on CW in October 2012, following the attempts of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) to redeem his father’s legacy and to save what was originally called Starling City. While it was clear Amell’s character was based on the superhero Green Arrow of DC Comics, initially he was known to Starling City residents only as “The Hood.” He also used more lethal methods in the early days of the series, even murdering a man in the first episode to protect his secret identity.

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  • The person responsible for Oliver Queen’s kidnapping in the pilot episode of “Arrow?”

    • His Sister
    • His Friend
    • His Mother
    • His Step-father
  • What DC Comics character is the television show “Arrow” based on?

    • The Green Hood
    • Hawkeye
    • The Green Arrow
  • Who says – I’m going to tear everything he cares about away from him…?

    • Slade Wilson
    • Tommy Merlyn
    • Edward Fyers
  • Which television network airs the series “Arrow?”

    • Yes
    • No
    • TBS
    • HBO
  • When was Oliver Queen born?

    • 1981
    • 1985
    • 1983
    • 1987
  • Who dies in Season 1?

    • Tommy Merlyn
    • John Diggle
    • Felicity Smoak
  • When did The CW Network debut the television series “Arrow?”

    • 2011
    • 2012
    • 2013
    • 2014
  • Who is married to Oliver Queen’s mother when Oliver returns from Lian Yu?

    • Malcolm Merlyn
    • Slade Wilson
    • Walter Steele
  • Name of the night Oliver’s night club?

    • Verde
    • Verdant
    • Green
    • Voyour
  • Who is Laural Lance’s father?

    • Quentin
    • John
    • Edward