Which Strong Female Character Are You From Game Of Thrones?

Over the years, Game Of Thrones has given us many strong female characters like Daenerys, Cersei, Catelyn, Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Yara, Olenna, Margery, Ellaria, Ygritte etc.

Don’t tell me that you have not imagined yourself in any of these strong women’s shoes because I am pretty sure you have! Now, shall we find out which of these magnificent powerful women do you resemble the most?

All the best! May the Gods be in your favour! XD

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    Which of these traits describe you?

    • Cunning
    • Witty and resourceful
    • Protective
    • Sweet and loving
    • Fierce
    • Funny
    • Extremely brave
    • Sweet as well as immensely strong
    • Loyal
    • Extremely helpful
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    What are you often accused of?

    • Holding a grudge
    • Being selfish
    • Being flaky and unreliable
    • Being impulsive and reckless
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    What is your favorite among these?

    • Apple pie
    • Lemon Cakes
    • Roasted Turkey
    • Crossiant
    • Pigeon pie
    • Home baked bread
    • Pork sausage
    • Horse meat
    • Lamprey pie
    • Oysters, clams
    • Just some Dornish wine and grapes
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    Which place among these would you prefer to live in?

    • Winterfell
    • North of the wall
    • Sapphire Island
    • King’s Landing
    • Dragonstone
    • Dorne
    • Highgarden
  • Question /

    Which of these dresses will suit you the most?

    • Yes
    • No
    • h
    • h
    • j
    • k
    • h
    • k
  • Question /

    Pick a color!

    • Green
    • Red
  • Question /

    Pick a book to read!

    • To Kill A Mocking Bird
    • Lord Of The Flies
    • The Catcher In The Rye
    • Slaughter House Five
    • 1984
  • Question /

    Pick a rangoli!

    • Yes
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    • No
    • h
    • h
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    What would you rather choose?

    • Have everything you ever wanted but your beloved will leave you the moment you get everything
    • Have your beloved beside you but you will end up dying very soon
    • Rule over the whole world but have no loved ones near you
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    Lastly, which of these two would you choose?

    • Dragons
    • Direwolves