Do you know all about “The Walking Dead”? Take up this challenge!

Presenting a daring quiz on “The Walking Dead”. Dare to take this challenge, score high and have fun. All the best!

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  • Whom did Norman Reedus originally auditioned for?

    • merle
    • Sasha
    • daryl
  • Whom did Rich Grimes do not shoot in the comic but in the show?

    • sophia
    • Sasha
    • Merle
  • What did the walker use to eat as “human flesh” in originality?

    • beef
    • ham soaked in vinegar
    • pork
  • Where were the characters actually going to find shelter?

    • high school
    • Hospital
    • Prision
  • Do you know how long were Reck and Shane best friends?

    • since childhood
    • after becoming police partners
    • since high school
  • Of what was Beth taking track at prison?

    • quality of food they had
    • no. of friends died
    • how many days without accident
  • Can you guess what was the name of the high school volleyball coach with whom teenage Shane had an affair too?

    • Mrs.reynold
    • Mrs.kelley
    • mrs.mcdonald
  • Which of these characters did not appear in the comic role?

    • Rich
    • Daryl
    • Merle
  • There is a character who have used a crossbow. Did you notice it? Identify.

    • Glemn
    • Rich
    • Daryl
  • where did Beth die finally

    • Hospital
    • Church
    • farm