Are you a true fan of “Agents of Shield”? Let’s find out!

We all know how awesome is Marvel comics. The Netflix show called “Agent of shield” which shows the other side of Marvel Universe. This show, we have seen some of the other Marvel characters which are still not introduced in the MCU. So this show comes in handy which brings us new and exciting characters.  there are many fans of “Agents of shields”. As we all know that Marvel is known for its tiny details in the movies and shows. So how well you were paying attention. Take this quiz and know if you are a true fan?

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    who has the flying car in the show?

    • Phil Coulson’s
    • Agent May’s
    • Nora’s
    • Donna
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    What is the full from of SHIELD?

    • Super Heros Interterestial Enforcement legal department
    • Super Humans Intervention enforcement logistic department
    • Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement Logistics Division
    • Super Human Interterestial Enforcement Legal Division
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    What is the name of element which can make things float and can suck anyone inside it?

    • Vibranium
    • Adamantium
    • Gravitonium
    • Eutherium
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    The code name Deathlok is given to whom?

    • Mike peterson
    • Phil
    • May
    • Nick Fury
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    Who’s nickname is cavalry?

    • Agent May
    • Natasha
    • Jenny
    • Amanda
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    What is the name of the leader of centipede?

    • red skull
    • Clairvoyant
    • dr.doom
    • Radcliffe
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    Who can absorb any material in the show?

    • Sif
    • Jemma Simmons
    • Grant ward
    • carl creel
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    By whom the team secret warrior being led?

    • phil
    • nick fury
    • may
    • Daisy johnson
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    Watchdogs is the name of which groups?

    • anti-mutant
    • anti-inhumans
    • Anti-heros
    • Anti-villains
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    what is the name of Ghost rider in the show?

    • Jonny blaze
    • Robbie Reyes
    • Mace
    • Dave